Pitot House Rental Check List

Thank you for holding your event at the Pitot House. We would appreciate your help in assembling and providing the following, as applicable, for your event. If you have a designated event planner, feel free to forward this document to them. Thanks!



Event Planner (if not already provided to Pitot House)

__ Contact information for event planner



__ Contact information for tent supplier

__ Dimensions of tent(s)

__ Indicate whether tent is open-sided or not

__ Location of tent (s) in relation to Pitot House (indicate on attached site plan)

__ Certificate of flame resistance

__ Delivery date and time

__ Pick-up date and time



__Contact information for stage supplier

__Dimensions of stage

__Load certificate for stage

__ Delivery date and time

__ Pick-up date and time


Caterer/Food Preparation

__ Contact information for caterer

__ Location of catering prep area (indicate on attached site plan)

__ Indicate whether there will be cooking on site (open flames are not permitted)

__ If cooking will be under a tent, this could trigger requirement of N. O. Fire Dept. for "fire watch" staff.

__ Provide copy of caterer's ABO license to show permit to serve alcohol.


Dumpster or Trash Plan - All Trash Must Be Removed the Day/Night of your event.

­­__ Contact information for dumpster supplier

__ Dimensions and location of dumpster (indicate on attached site plan)

__ Delivery date and time

__ Pick-up date and time

 Portalets/Comfort Station - Required if more than 100 people will be in attendance at your event.

__ Contact information for Portalet supplier

__ Copy of contract with Portalet supplier

__ Delivery date and time

__ Pick-up date and time


__ Contact information for musicians/performers

__ Time of performance (music must end at 10:00 pm)

Submit to info@louisianalandmarks.org 20 days prior to your event.

Thank you!